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Face Reality ™ Acne Treatments

Face Reality (tm) Acne Treatment



As a Certified Acne Specialist, I will compassionately guide and support you to clearer skin.  When you’ve tried everything else, or if you haven’t even known where to start – I am here for you!


What is required is a commitment from YOU to follow the clear, simple protocols.  Your 1st appointment ($184) will include a thorough consultation where we will cover every aspect of your treatment for the next 12 weeks.  You will purchase the required home care products (approx $180+tax) and schedule 6 appointments, 2 weeks apart.  This rigorous approach has been proven to help clear 90+% of clients.  You can expect clearing in 3-6 months.  Some clients clear sooner, some take longer.  Your lifestyle choices can influence your clearing such as diet, supplements, prescription medication, etc.  I will coach you and provide information to share with your health care professional if needed.


You will find peace in the routines prescribed for morning and evening skin care.  Our semi-weekly appointments will provide professional support. 


My treatment plan works for men, women and teens.  If your teen is being treated, a parent is required to be present at every appointment – you are an important part of the TEAM.


  • all types of acne can be treated
  • if you’ve tried everything else, or if your acne is a new thing
  • you must be on my prescribed home care to receive treatments
  • you will not be treated while using prescription products from your dermatologist, or any other home care products
  • you must be ready to commit to my treatment plan – my coaching works if you DO IT
Face Reality (tm) Consultation Only



An in-depth consultation only (no skin treatment performed) where I will outline my Acne Program.  I will evaluate your skin and your needs.  You will have an opportunity to purchase your required home-care products and schedule your future appointments.  Most skin cleared in 3-6 months.  There really are no shortcuts, I am a Certified Acne Specialist and I will guide you in these proven methods.


We will cover professional treatments, home care, the role of dietary and supplement choices, hormonal implications and lifestyle matters, among other aspects of your treatment.  I will answer your questions, and set you up to WIN!!


Face Reality (tm)  Treatment PLUS light therapy



The Face Reality ™ Acne Treatment combined with L.E.D. light therapy for reduced redness/inflammation/pigmentation and quicker recovery time.  Light Therapy is also an excellent addition for clients treating acne AND anti-aging concerns.  I highly recommend that you add L.E.D. light therapy to your treatments!

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