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Oxy Facial Treatments

A breath of fresh air for your skin…oxy facial treatments utilize cutting-edge ingredient technology to increase oxygenation in the skin, enhancing your glow!




75 minutes. Combine the naturally delicious aroma of Cocoa Enzyme with the 5-function Oxygen rX Treatment from Circadia and the result is a masterpiece facial treatment.  Clear, firm, luminous skin is yours with the OxyZyme Treatment!  The cocoa enzyme gently exfoliates the skin to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion, while the Oxygen rX Treatment addresses  firmness, clarity, redness, laxity and breakouts.

PCA Oxy Trio


45 minutes. Perfect for dull, lifeless, dehydrated skin, this mild treatment is excellent for smoker’s skin and also treats mild acne as well as those suffering from stress, lask of sleep and poor diet.  Especially amazing before a special event, it brings a beautiful glow and a healthy, radiant light to your skin.




45 minutes.  This is the “Movie Star” facial.  Your skin is rejuvenated, polished, hydrated and pampered.  Gentle enzymes and exclusive peptides along with the magical Champagne Bubbles Oxygenating Mask will transport you and your skin a luminescent place.  You will be ready for your close up!  You will see and feel the lifting effect, and be ready for any event.


Please note, there is no steam and there are no extractions with this facial.  It’s perfect for sensitive skin and rosacea, and appropriate for every skin type

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