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At GLBS one of the most important things we do is advise you on home care for your skin.  Although there is no substitute for professional treatments in the studio, your homecare is, in some ways, even more important.

Think about it – you have a professional treatment once a month, but you cleanse and treat your skin twice a day, every day, 30 times a month!  The products you use will make the difference between reaching your skin care goals and “just getting by”.  It would be like going to the dentist for a cleaning, but failing to brush and floss at home!!


We are trained by the companies we have chosen to carry.  The products prescribed for you are much higher in active ingredients that what you will find at even the finest department stores or mall skin care emporiums…and certainly of a much higher quality than what you would purchase at a big box store or your local drugstore.  Likewise, products purchased from “sold on TV” sites, or home parties don’t have the professional training needed to ensure your best results.  The investment you make in your skincare products will pay off when you see how long these highly-concentrated products last, and, of course, how wonderful your skin looks!

Your esthetician has spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars being trained and licensed to advise you.  We invite you to take advantage of their expertise when it comes to your home care products.

We proudly recommend GLSkin, Face Reality, Tizo, Infinity Skin Solutions, and Clear Choice, among others.

A word about buying professional products on the internet:  Most professional lines (and all of the lines carried at GLBS) DO NOT ALLOW their products to be sold on sites such as Amazon, eBay and the like.  If you find prices too good to be true, they probably are.  Products sold way below retail are most certainly “diverted” which means they have been purchased from a 3rd party against the companies policy, possibly stored incorrectly, perhaps even with the expiration date altered or removed.  Sometimes they are even diluted or counterfeit. 

When you purchase from GLBS you are assured authentic, fresh product, professionally prescribed for you.  And, you are supporting a local, small business.  We thank you for that!!


Our retail sale policy is found here on our policy page.

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