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Peels are intensive professional treatments to rejuvenate and reinvent the appearance of the skin, addressing fine lines and wrinkles, laxity, rough texture, dullness, discoloration and sun damage. Peels are performed by licensed estheticians who have undergone extensive additional training in order to provide the most comfortable and effective treatment.

Peels require both pre-conditioning of your skin AND rigorous aftercare. 

You will not receive a peel on your first visit to goddesslynneBODYandSKIN. Peels are done after we have treated your skin at least once with either a facial or resurfacing treatment. This is for your safety and to create the best possible result. Healthy skin peels more thoroughly and evenly, giving you the glowing skin you desire! 

PRE-CONDITIONING: your skin must be healthy and hydrated to have the best peel experience. We will analyze your skin and review your home-care regimen. Professional products will be prescribed for 2-4 weeks before your peel.

PEELING: skin peeling is a bit of a misnomer. Your skin may or may not actually “peel” off. Many times a micro-peel is achieved, where the skin is sloughing or flaking. You might notice this flaking, or feel that your skin is dryer than normal. This is perfectly fine, and actually preferable to peeling in “sheets” (like a sunburn).

AFTERCARE: you will receive an aftercare kit of products along with detailed instruction in their use. These aftercare products ensure that your skin remains healthy and protected as you peel. We recommend a facial 3-4 weeks following your peel.

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