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The Peaceful Brazilian Bikini Wax


The Peaceful Brazilian Bikini Wax for Woman had it’s beginning in 2003.  When glbs owner and founder Lynne began her career in esthetics, Brazilian Waxing was a significant part of her practice. 

Over the years, and thousands of waxes, she developed techniques to minimize the anxiety and stress – and yes, even some of the pain – of Brazilian waxing.

The Peaceful Brazilian Bikini Wax was born!!

Remember, it’s peaceful, not necessarily painless.  After all, we ARE waxing!  However, you will find that any discomfort is minimal and quick.  And, if you peruse some of our YELP reviews, many of our clients say it IS painless.  What we do promise is that you will have a calm, peaceful experience.  The keys to this lovely experience are:

  • Highly experienced esthetician
  • Superior waxing products
  • Exemplary sanitation
  • Generous time scheduled
  • Soothing atmosphere

Whether you are a “waxing veteran” or a first-timer, you will enjoy the best waxing experience possible.

Suggestions for a wonderful waxing experience:

  • Have AT LEAST 2 weeks hair growth if you have shaved priviously
  • Schedule about a week after your menstrual cycle ends for most comfort
  • Avoid excessive caffeine before your appointment
  • Plan on avoiding pools, jacuzzi’s, vigorous exercise and intimacy for 24-48 hours after your wax
  • Avoid tight clothing for a couple of days after your wax
  • Schedule your next wax for 4 weeks.  Once we have waxed a few times we can adjust the frequency to best fit your needs and natural hair growth cycles.

Please see our Policy Page for our policy on timeliness.  Having the full time alloted for this service is absolutely crucial to your comfort.  If you arrive late, we will complete your service in the time remaining, and you will not have the most peaceful experience.


Just a reminder, glbs offers The Peaceful Brazilian Bikini Wax for WOMEN ONLY, and you must be at least 18 years of age.


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