3 things to help acne NOW!

Have you tried everything to clear your skin? Here are 3 strategies you may not have known about!

#1  Ice your blemishes – using ice is cheap and easy! If you have 1 or 2 inflamed (red or swollen) blemishes, you can wrap an ice cube in a paper towel and hold on the blemish for about 60 seconds, remove for 30 seconds and REPEAT 4-5 times. Do this twice a day on clean skin. Or, if you’re having inflamed (red) blemishes over a particular area (cheeks, jawline, forehead), use the ice without the paper towel and gently rub over the area for about 3 minutes. These protocols will help reduce inflammation and redness, and may speed healing.

#2  Change your pillowcase – this is super important! Use a fresh pillowcase every other night. On the second night flip your pillow over to the clean side. By the way, no scented detergent and no fabric softener or dryer sheets.

#3  Check your supplements – although I’m not a nutritionist, anecdotal reports suggest that avoiding biotin (common in “hair skin nails” supplements can improve acne. Adding Omega 3 and probiotics can be helpful for clearing skin, as can zinc. Do your own research and consult your physician if you are unsure. I can help with suggesting brands that are known to work.

Professional treatments can really make the difference in getting and STAYING clear. The Face Reality Program has been helping clients with all stages of acne get clear and stay clear for over 22 years. I am a Certified Acne Specialist with Face Reality ™. You can book a consultation, with or without your first treatment. Read more about it on my website, and please call or text if you have more questions.

Please let me know if this information is helpful, or if you know someone who might benefit, please pass this info along to them!!

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