Face Reality ™ Acne Treatments

Clear Skin for Everyone

Face Reality (Tm) Treatment $125


Your treatment every 2 weeks includes an enzyme treatment OR a mild exfoliating peel. This treatment is for CURRENT acne program clients only – you must have the Acne Consultation with our acne specialist before booking this service.


Face Reality (Tm) Consultation $150



It takes courage to try something new, especially when you've already tried so much to clear your skin.  Are you ready to let go of past failure and try again?

This session is an in-depth consultation only (no skin treatment performed) where I will outline my Acne Program. I will evaluate your skin and your needs. I will coach you with knowledge, experience, and compassion.  My acne program works for more than 90% of clients.  No dangerous drugs, just time-proven treatments and products to get you clear. You will have an opportunity to purchase your required home care products and schedule your future appointments. Most skins cleared in 3-6 months. There really are no shortcuts, I am a Certified Acne Specialist, and I will guide you in these proven methods.

We will cover professional treatments, home care, the role of dietary and supplement choices, hormonal implications, and lifestyle matters, among other aspects of your treatment. I will answer your questions and set you up to WIN!!

Face Reality (Tm) Treatment PLUS Light Therapy $160


The Face Reality ™ Acne Treatment combined with L.E.D. Light Therapy for reduced redness/inflammation/pigmentation and quicker recovery time. Light Therapy treatment is also an excellent addition for clients treating acne AND anti-aging concerns. L.E.D. light therapy can be a game changer!