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self care EVERYday

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self care EVERYday

Selfcare is more important than ever


Well, there’s one person in your life who loves that you are staying #saferathome… your animal companion!! LOL! Sometimes we have to look for the silver lining in a stressful situation :)

On the other hand, maybe your skin is bearing the brunt of these stressful times. Changes in our daily routine can cause blemishes, dryness, oiliness, or sensitivity. Some of us have been eating differently, it’s harder to get fresh food, and those chips are soooooo comforting.

Let today be the day you give yourself some #sundayselfcare I’ll be posting some tips and encouragement on Instagram and Facebook, so please follow me there, here are the links: follow me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

Try to get some fresh air – with proper social distancing and sunscreen. Drink a few extra glasses of water. Make every effort to get some fresh veggies. Is there a delivery option where you live? Maybe a curbside pickup? A lot of places are offering contactless transactions – I recommend that you seek them out. Social distancing doesn’t have to mean solitary isolation. Zoom has a free option where you can get a couple of friends together and do video conferencing. FaceTime is a lifesaver to be in contact with friends and family. A regularly-scheduled family check-in will keep everyone connected.

I’m here to help – please feel free to book my “Virtual Consultation” so we can talk or FaceTime to connect and get your skin back to feeling great. I’m set up to ship your products to you, so you have what you need.

I’m here for you, stay healthy!!

yours, lynne

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Lynne Shirvandehi

Skincare expert Lynne is the owner of goddesslynneBODYandSKIN in Westwood, CA. Since 1998 she has been a prominent figure in the Beauty Business in West Los Angeles. Her #peacefulpretty studio is a favorite with everyone from business execs to busy moms to UCLA faculty, staff and students.