Suncare/Skincare…tips for safe outdoor sun exposure

The more you know!!

Sunscreen’s protection is based on a few different things:  your skin’s natural tendency to burn, the SPF of your product, the AMOUNT OF PRODUCT APPLIED, and the frequency of RE-application.

Your skin has a natural tendency to burn. Maybe it’s 15 minutes, maybe 25 minutes. Maybe, like me, it’s about 2-3 minutes!  Whatever it is, that’s where we start.

The SPF of your product MULTIPLIES that “time to burn” number. So, if you burn in 10 minutes, and you wear an SPF 15, you now have 150 minutes (with proper application and RE-application) to enjoy the sun. After that, YOU’RE DONE!!

Proper application:  a full tablespoon applied to face, neck and chest, a full OUNCE applied to exposed body parts. Yes, this is a lot of sunscreen, much more than most of us use. Now do you see why “my makeup has sunscreen” doesn’t fly?

Re-application:  sunscreen must be re-applied every 80 minutes to maintain the protection. Sooner if you’re sweating or swimming. Please note: this does NOT add to the 150 minutes of protection our example person will get from proper application and RE-application.

Once our example person’s 150 minutes are up, they must seek shade, or cover up with a protective garment. Note:  a sheer bathing suit cover up or t-shirt isn’t enough.

All bets are off if you actually start to burn. No sunscreen, no matter what the spf, can save or protect you once your skin turns pink. Seek shade IMMEDIATELY.

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